Camp Kern

Before Camp Kern, I kept writing about how excited I was for it, so why not write about what we did. It was like 2 or weeks ago but I’m still going to tell you about it.

Day 1

On the first day, e got there around noon so we went into Singerman lodge (the camp cafeteria). Then we went to activity one. We all had a letter. My letter was d so we went to group d. My first activity was fossils. We went in a pond and did some extreme climbing. I found a few fossils. Then it was activity #2 time. My second activity was Pond. We looked for creatures in the pond and one of the counselors actually found a snake!! Then we also went canoeing. I did it with my friend, Kaylen. Then we had cabin time while KP’s (kitchen patrol) set up. I loved cabin time. We then had dinner. The we had after meal entertainment which was by a basketball court and a volleyball court and it also had a gaga pit. Then we did our support activity. Mine was pioneer cooking. We made ice cream and boiled apples. Then we went to a place and played a native american game which was my favorite thing we did at came. Then later that night we went to a bonfire and did songs. Then went back to Singerman lodge and had a late night snack.

Day 2.

On day 2 we got up early and had breakfast. Then we went to our activity number 3. Mine was Genius challenge. You had a small group and you went around and found things and it was fun. Then we had cabin time. Then we got to eat lunch. After lunch, it was our last activity of all. Group D’s (my group) was Pioneer. We made candles. It was a blast. Then we went and played a game which was living history. The camp kern staff dressed up in old time clothes and acted all mean. We had a family. There was a mom and a dad. I was one of the daughters. One of the guys had a gun. Another guy chased us with an axe. This one lady was the teacher and she pretended to have a classroom like they did a long time ago. There was also more too. That was also very fun.  Then we had dinner. I had so much fun at camp and I wish it was every year.

Day 3. The last day. We walked to fort ancient; which was about 2 miles. We had lunch there and we played games like tug a war. Then, it was the sad part. Going home.

Goodbye :(

In two days, I leave fifth grade. We move on. Summer starts. Yes, I’m happy it’s summer but no, I hate thinking about how I have to leave fifth grade. I am glad to say that it’s been my favorite grade and favorite year of all. Camp Kern, the best teachers ever, really fun activities, having a personalized learning classroom, amazing friends, and a lot more.  I’ve loved this year, but I guess it’s time to move on.




Earth Week 🌍

This week is Earth Week. So far I have read to, two classes with my friend Sosena .  We read to third grade and kindergarten. We read “The Ocean Story” and “Arthur Turns Green”. My class also tried tap water vs bottled water. We had to guess which was which. We find out Friday. We also get to go on a nature hike. Does your school do anything for earth week?


Fear. Fear is one of the things that make us human. Fear  is scary. Some of my fears are spiders,sharks,loosing a loved one and lots of other things. I have quite a lot of fears. Lots of people do. Although that would take awhile to name everything were afraid of. Like one time I was at a school doing work for a church thing. I was sitting on a bench with my friend Lily. I felt a little tickle on my leg. I lifted it up thinking it was an itch. It wasn’t. It was a spider. I screamed. I ran and never sat on that bench again.  I know, spiders are silly things to be afraid of but I was terrified of that eight legged looking creature. Anyways, fear is normal.

Opinion Essay(SOL)

Death. Imprisonment. Lies. Secrets.Cliffhangers. When you read The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen, that is what you’ll get…and more. Having just finished this amazing book, I can honestly rate it a five out of five stars. Between the crisp, detailed word choices and the well-developed and highly entertaining plot, this book offers endless adventures and intrigue.  Let me tell you about it.


Jennifer Nielsen does an excellent job of connecting just the right words together; easy to close your eyes and feel like you’re watching a movie. For example, in chapter twenty eight, it had just finished a dramatic event and then it says “Then I hit him over the back of the head with the butt of my knife and he fell unconscious. Well that was unexpected.


If you’re looking for something to read that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this book is for you. The storyline moves along nicely, never leaving too much time for the reader to get bored. One of my favorite scenes is (SPOILER ALERT) when I found out that Sage was the prince. I was not expecting that. It had me in huge surprise.

As I hope you can see, The False Prince is a great book. There is plenty of beautiful descriptions that sucks you into the stop and the plotline is fast moving and exciting. I hope you’ll decide to go to your local library to pick this book up. Also, there are two fun sequels to keep it going.


The Game(SOL)

What did you do today? I had a volleyball game. This game determined it all. If we won,  we went to tournaments. We needed this. It’s been a fun season but it was time to be serious. It’s the second round, a girl on the other teams serving. The ball hasn’t left her hand yet but I knew it was coming for me by the way her body was facing. She serves. The ball flys over the net and it’s coming to me. My team is counting on me. I bump the ball as hard as I could… WE SCORED! At the end of all three rounds, we felt amazing. We won all rounds and next week we’re going to tournaments.

SOL(Volleyball Practice)

Tomorrow I have a volleyball game. There’s seven girls on my team. At practice today, only four girls showed up. My coach says that he thinks we’ll have to play with only four girls tomorrow at the game. It was a rough practice. You can’t play with four girls when there’s six positions on the floor.

SOL (The Remarkable Journey Of Charlie Price)

Have you read “The Remarkable Journey Of Charlie Price”? Well I’m reading it at the moment and it is one of my favorite books. It’s impossible to put it down. It’s about a boy thats mom had cancer and passed away. Then his best friend Frank goes missing. Charlie and his sister, Imogen, find a hatch under her bed and go into it. Another universe where Mom’s alive. Charlie starts to notice strange things like him and his sister Imogen faded in all the family pictures and mom acting suspicious. Other things to. How will he figure this out? And don’t let the cover of the book sike you into not not reading it.


Finally. Science state testing is over. Next week we have math state testing but I love math. It’s getting closer and closer to Camp Kern and I am so excited! I just keep wondering who’s in my Cabin. The whole experience sounds amazing and I’ve heard from everybody that’s been, it’s so fun. So I can’t wait!! I just know that it will an epic time.

SOL (Test Day)

Do you like testing? I don’t! And, today we had to test about science. I personally just don’t like science. I think the activities are fun but otherwise i’m not a huge fan. There were twenty three questions on mine. Some about the ecosystem. Some about planets. Some were also about speed and oher about light. Photosynthesis, consumers and etc. I don’t feel very strong about the ecosystem and I felt that most of the questions were about that. But I did feel kind of confident when I finished my test and shut my computer screen.